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Morton's Neuroma


Morton's Neuroma is an enlarged nerve that usually occurs between the third and fourth toes. Symptoms include: a burning sensation, feeling a bump on the balls of your feet, pain, numbness and tingling.


  • Wearing shoes that have a tapered toe box, or high-heeled shoes that cause the toes to be forced into the toe box. Activities that involve repetitive irritation to the ball of the foot, such as running or racquet sports. People with certain foot deformities—bunions, hammertoes, flat feet, or more flexible feet—are at higher risk for developing a Neuroma.


Massaging Insoles lift and support the longitudinal arch, shifting the excessive weight from the metatarsal arch. This allows the metatarsal bones to settle back into their proper place, and helps reduce the nerve pinching that causes Morton's Neuroma.

Wear proper fitting footwear, Apply ice to the area.

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