"I purchased my first pair of these massaging insoles at the Calgary Stampede 4 years ago. I am a runner and I had severe plantar fasciitis. Every day when I first got out of bed and I took my first steps my feet were in extreme pain (so painful I could barely walk for the first few minutes after getting out of bed) and then the pain would subside after a short while but the pain would come and go throughout the day. So when I talked to the person at the booth and he told me the benefits of these insole I was very skeptical and I told him I would come back after I thought about it. Well I did come back later in the day and purchased a pair. Why, well I thought I spend money at the Stampede on useless stuff all the time. This is something that could actually help my feet and overall health and for a very fair price. If they didn't work... well it was not much money. To my surprise they worked fantastic, my plantar fasciitis went away almost immediately, I could not believe how well they work. I get out of bed everyday with absolutely no foot pain. They are a little strange to wear at first but after you wear them for a bit, you will not want to walk without them. They are like little water beds for your feet and they massage them all day long. I would highly recommend these to anyone with this foot condition. They are a very reasonable price and have an excellent warranty. You will not be disappointed. What have you got to loose, except extreme foot pain!"



Janice Aalbers


"I purchased your amazing massaging insoles while at the Vermilion Fair in the week of July 25-27, 2013. At the time I was suffering from severe plantar fasciitis in my left foot. While walking around at the Fair, for most of the day, my foot was feeling the sorest it had ever been. I came upon your booth and spoke to one of your exhibitors. I was in so much pain, I opted to give your massaging insoles a try. After trying the insoles for a few minutes, I decided to go for it and purchased a pair. I could not believe the difference in my foot pain within the first hour. I swear, the insoles gave me such incredible relief! I would not have believed this was possible, if I had not experienced this first hand. It was as if my feet were literally being massaged with every step I took. I continued to wear the insoles for the rest of the summer and I am pleased to report that after consistently wearing the insoles, within a few short weeks, I could barely even remember which foot had been plagued with plantar fasciitis. I still wear the insoles and I make it a point to recommend your product to everyone I meet who has any type of foot or back pain. A very satisfied customer!"

"Massaging Insoles are incredible! In my opinion, more impressive than their comfort is how they force the wearer to constantly engage his feet. Whether walking or standing, the patient's foot and calf muscles are active, and the increased proprioception created by the Massaging Insoles can only benefit patients. Feet are the foundation of the pelvis and spine, so they are a natural place to begin the correction process, and Massaging Insoles serve to correct foot problems naturally…"

Tod Pelly


Dr. Reynolds


"Thank you for the sample. I have tried it for the past several weeks and find it comfortable. I will give the coupons to my patients and have them also try the product."

"I played competitive racquetball for 30 years, tore my achilles tendon and had 4 knee surgeries. I changed sports to badminton but could not play much because of achilles pain and knee fluid. Tried orthotics $1000, no success, tried several different sports shoes and insoles, still too much pain and knee swellling. Tried Massaging Insoles sold by Pacesetter Enterprises and I can play again with very limited achilles pain and NO KNEE SWELLING! This may sound like bull, but it is not...they work!"

Gary W.


Linda M.


Just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying my massaging insoles. They are great!!! I can't believe that I can walk without experiencing a lot of pain. Since I've had my insoles I've been walking just about every day and I haven't had sore legs yet. I usually have a lot of sciatic pain, but even that is gone since I've been wearing the insoles. I just love them. At one time I could barely even walk in the mall as my hips wanted to seize up, but now I walk anywhere and I feel great. I had even bought some new shoes hoping that they would help but only after one day of wearing them my legs were aching again. So far the insoles are the only thing that have helped me with the pain in my legs. Thank you so much."

"Thank you for an excellent product. I rate the product as a best buy. I have a knee problem and the product has truly been a blessing to me. As a school administrator, on concrete everyday I make sure that I use your product daily in addition to promoting the product to the other administrators and teachers. Keep up the great job!"

Arthur D.




"The insoles are great, I'm wearing them and appreciate you! Hugs"

"First of all, I LOVE YOUR INSOLES! I have dealt with plantar fascitis for over 4 years, surgery on one foot and then got it in the other foot...physical therapy, advil, ice (tried it all and so much pain). My husband saw your insoles at a tradeshow...that was the beginning! He got me some and my foot started to get better. I have three pair, he has two pair and I have recommended them to many folks since! I am a walking advertisement!!! Thank you so much!"





"Thank you so much for responding. I will order as suggested. I have to tell you that I panic if I have not got them under my feet. If they get really wet I take them out to dry and suffer until I can get them back. I have had terrible pain in my feet, particularly the left foot. In addition to the pain I have a numb middle toe. I just spent 2,000 on orthotics with a Doctor and it has even made it worse. When I was at Spruce Meadows I was hobbling around until I found your "squishy soles". The rest of my stay at Spruce Meadows was very pleasant and I walked miles. Thank you for sending out my second pair. Thank you for providing such a great product. My best friend also bought one and loves them."

"I have Plantar Fasciitis, I have had it for 6 months. I have tried Physio, a splint @ night & good running shoes. Icing my foot & massage didn't help either. I like to wear my UGGS, but they don't have any support. Literally minutes after putting them in my boots there was a noticeable difference. After only 2 days I can tell this is the best relief I have had in months!"


Edmonton, AB

Dave Altman

Edmonton, AB

"I purchased a pair of massaging insoles at Costco and am delighted with the product. I am able to wear pairs of shoes that remained parked in my closet for years. I have spent up to $400.00 on orthotics which turned to be an expensive means of torture. I am so pleased with these insoles that I travelled many miles to purchase 2 more sets. Any one that has foot or hip discomfort in my opinion should try this product. They offer a very good warrantee and if you buy them through Costco their customer policy is 100% satisfaction . Thank you very much relief of my pain."

"Thank you !! I really love them my feet dont burn or hurt !!."

Happy Customer


Happy Customer


"I purchased a pair of your insoles at the Vancouver Home Show a few weeks ago and me and my feet are very happy! I will be ordering a pair for my Mom very soon."

"It is a rare occasion for me to offer a testimonial for any thing and when it comes to my feet I have just about given up. I am a diabetic and with the sores that I have to deal with has been a work in dealing with the pain. I was in Paris Ontario at a Fair and one of your sales attended convinced me to try one of your Pace Setters Insoles. As I was so convinced that nothing would work and after about five years of spending $1,000's of dollars I was not a easy sale. After trying one on my good foot I agreed to buy a pair, and placed them in my shoes. With in minutes I could see a big difference. I now wear my shoes all the time to get some relief even laying on the couch watching TV. You have no idea what might of paid for that relief and the sores are starting to heal. I would like to thank your sales person for being so persistent. He was 100% right."

Happy Customer


Happy Customer


"I can't believe that I can walk without experiencing a lot of pain."

"Thanks from a very happy customer"

Happy Customer